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The Hardwood Floors that Your  Home Deserves

Hardwood floors instantly enhance a home, with polished surfaces, and natural luster. At Markham Flooring we sell the best quality hardwood floors for Richmond Hill residents. From finding the perfect selection to match a room, to installation the goal is long lasting perfection.

The start of giving homeowner’s the best quality and service begins as we help with the selection. Homeowners making the change from carpet, or wanting to renovate are able to make the best comparisons in our showroom. Our showroom is one of the few locations where large size samples of numerous styles and colors of hardwood floor can be viewed. We understand browsing and considering the possibilities takes time, so while we are ready to offer assistance we don’t pressure anyone in order to rush a sale. Here at Markham Flooring our experts are always ready to share their experience and expertise with you in order to help you choose the optimal hardwood floors for your house.

Hardwood Floors Toronto

Keeping a steady supply of styles, color and tones of hard wooden floors gives Markham Flooring guests the chance to create the look they want. If something is needed that’s not on hand we can order it and it will arrive within a few days. We also offer a laminated wood selection for those interested in this alternative.

Those interested in a “do it yourself” installation will find our service helpful in that we offer our own expertise to their hardwood flooring project. Along with knowledge related to the decor we can help with the basics of installation for anyone desiring to put flooring themselves. We also sell the hard to find accessories that the do it yourself job will require including underlay paper, nails, glue and other installation and cleaning products.

Installation isn’t always an easy process and our experts are ready to help. Installation is a process customers need accomplished quickly and to perfection, which is why we are best suited for the job. When entering a home the flooring is one aspect everyone will notice. We strive for perfection in all aspects of our flooring, from the color and style to the flawless installation, to create a floor the homeowner will be proud of and want to show off.

Here at Markham Flooring we ensure that the transition of your room from carpet or an older wood flooring to a new one will be a pleasant one. The colorful long lasting natural look of hardwood has exactly what you need. When it comes to hardwood floors there is nobody better than us, so give us a call today and you will be glad you did.

Call us today (905) 305-1100
We invite home builders, contractors, renovators, interior designers and do-it-yourselfers to visit our 4,000 square foot showroom in Markham (Toronto), Ontario or our branch in Ottawa, where samples of virtually all hardwood flooring styles and colours can be seen and critical flooring design decisions can be made.
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