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At Markham Flooring we strive to provide exceptional service that is both affordable and high quality. We are the leading provider of hardwood in Toronto and our store has the largest variety of hardwood to choose from. Hardwood flooring is the ideal option for homeowners looking to improve their home. We ensure that all hardwood we sell will meet your needs and specifications exactly.

Here at Markham Flooring we sell the best hardwood selection at our store. Hardwood, which adds value to your property and make your home look more appealing and will immediately increase the worth of your home. Therefore, the products made available by Markham flooring are simply an investment into the overall worth and value of your home.  By purchasing hardwood from us you will instantly increase your home’s value and upgrade its cosmetic look.

Hardwood Toronto

We only sell the most durable and high quality hardwood to ensure that customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Hardwood flooring is the most long lasting flooring option available for purchase. You can trust that we offer the most visually appealing and durable products. We offer a variety of colors and hardwood flooring options. Our vast hardwood selection will compliment a wide range of design ideas. This will allow you to customize your home to your exact specifications and preferences.  The design possibilities are limitless with our vast hardwood flooring options. If you are looking for hardwood for your home, Markham Flooring is the place for you. We guarantee that we will exceed all of your expectations and leave you satisfied. You can always drop by our showroom and see for yourself the variety of hardwood we offer. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff member are there to answer any questions that you may have.

Not only is Hardwood appealing and durable, but it is also the preferred option for individuals that suffer from a variety of allergies. It is hypoallergenic and is the perfect choice for anyone suffering from allergies.  Furthermore it’s very easy to care and maintain hardwood flooring.  It is easy and quick to clean and it always looks good, even through many years.  We take pride in our job and aim to give our customers the most pleasant experience possible. Selling hardwood in Toronto is our specialty and we work every day to improve our products and service.

Call us today (905) 305-1100
We invite home builders, contractors, renovators, interior designers and do-it-yourselfers to visit our 4,000 square foot showroom in Markham (Toronto), Ontario or our branch in Ottawa, where samples of virtually all hardwood flooring styles and colours can be seen and critical flooring design decisions can be made.
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