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The Best Engineered Flooring

Markham Flooring offers the best engineered flooring in Toronto. Engineered flooring is becoming the preferred flooring option for most homeowners looking for an affordable alternative to hardwood. It is durable and customizable depending on your specific design needs and this makes it the best option for your home. We only sell the best engineered flooring options available for purchase and ensure that customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Engineered flooring options are made available to all individuals looking for an affordable flooring option.

Engineered flooring is still made using real wood and is not similar to laminate flooring options; instead it is made using a combination of plywood and finished wood. This creates a visually appealing flooring option that has a great look and at the same time makes it more affordable than traditional hardwood.  Here at Markham Flooring customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We value our clients and do our best to meet exceed all of their expectations. We make sure our customers happy and pleased with their engineered flooring.

Engineered Flooring in Toronto

Although hardwood is a durable flooring option, getting engineered hardwood for your home is just as durable. This type of flooring will not easily chip or become worn down. This durability comes from the layering of plywood that makes this type of flooring more optimal. The planks are moisture resistant and will not scratch easily. Engineered flooring is a perfect option for you if you are looking for something durable, reliable but at the same time has a reasonable price.

Markham Flooring offers a variety of colors and hardwood flooring options. We ensure that anything you are looking for, we can provide. Our vast engineered flooring selection will compliment a wide range of design ideas. This will allow you to customize your home to your exact specifications and preferences. We make engineered flooring accessible for all customers.

When you are searching for the best available flooring option, you want to choose something that is easy to install. Installing flooring in your home is quite simple when you have skillful and experienced professionals doing the job. Floating floor installation requires no glue or nails and can be accomplished using engineered flooring. It simply involves a groove locking system that is simple and easy to install. To find out more about your engineered flooring options call us and one of our trained customer service representatives will be more than happy to answer  any questions you might have.

Call us today (905) 305-1100
We invite home builders, contractors, renovators, interior designers and do-it-yourselfers to visit our 4,000 square foot showroom in Markham (Toronto), Ontario or our branch in Ottawa, where samples of virtually all hardwood flooring styles and colours can be seen and critical flooring design decisions can be made.
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